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Author and journalist Matt Taibbi (@mtaibbi) joins us to discuss the war for New York's 19th district and the new John McCain documentary, 'For Whom the Bell Tolls.'

On today's show: Corey Lewandowski on 10-year-old Downs syndrome child being separated from mother at border: "whomp whomp." Kirstjen Nielsen gets protested by DC DSA members at Mexican restaurant.

Matt Taibbi joins us to discuss 'The Battle of Woodstock,' his series of reports on a Democratic primary in New York's 19th Congressional district. How this primary exemplifies larger trends in the Democratic Party. The seven candidates running and the various monied interests they represent. How the DCCC has been intervening in an attempt to squash Jeff Beals and Dave Clegg, the two candidates who qualify as "Berniecrats." How the DCCC's overemphasis on fundraising conveniently shuts out progressive candidates. Also: John McCain's (largely successful) efforts to evade accountability for inviting right-wing populism into the Republican Party via Sarah Palin. (Check out Taibbi's review of the McCain doc here.)

On the fun half: Sam calls Stephen Miller's newly public phone number. Trump says he'll "make changes" to House GOP immigration bills. Progressive advocacy group American Bridge plays crying border children audio outside Trump International Hotel in DC. Fox News' Trish Regan calls internment camps for kids "tough love." Is this policy really a deterrent? The crew discusses the idea of open borders. Ted Cruz's proposed immigration bill. Michael Cohen turns on Trump. A Nazi calls in to argue with Sam about the bell curve...again!

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