The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Cliff Schecter (@cliffschecter ) and Judy Gold (@JewdyGold ) join us.

On today's show: Donald Trump CONFIRMS that Peter Doocy is the son of Steve Doocy.

Cliff Schecter joins us to discuss latest news from Washington. Paul Manafort is going to jail, Michael Cohen lost his legal team, New York has filed a civil suit against three of the Trump kids for illegal conduct with their fake charities, what happened with the Singapore summit, and more!

Judy Gold joins us to rail against all things Trump. Paul Ryan dodges a question on Scott Pruitt's ethics scandals. Journalist confronts Sarah Huckabee Sanders over families separated at border, asks "don't you have any empathy?" What will Manafort's prison experience be like?

Jimmy Reefercake continues to make good on his promise to only parody songs by classic butt-rock band The Doors until weed is legal everywhere.

On the fun half: Chris Hayes' interview with whistleblower Antar Davidson, who says the detention center where he worked was "like a private prison" full of traumatized kids. Trump's creepy motivational mural. Hundreds (including Cynthia Nixon) protest Cuomo's "master builder" award; Jamie provides a firsthand report. Joe Rogan pwns Dave Rubin over building codes, Rubin insists the left are "the real racists."

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