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Good morning everyone, on today's show Alex Pareene (@pareene) and comedian Jake Flores (@feraljokes) join us to discuss Trump's latest tariffs imposed on our allies, how feckless Democratic leadership needs to go, and why ICE is a terror organization.

Alex Pareene came by the studio for a rare in-studio casual Friday to discuss his latest piece from Splinter News, "Chuck Schumer Is Not Cutting It." Chuck Schumer has been rolled by Trump and his administration the past two years, even helping Trump confirm such controversial nominations like Gina Haspel and applaud the newly minted US embassy in Jerusalem.  Also, Jonathan Chait is Having A Really Bad Time.

Then, comedian Jake Flores from Pod Damn America tells us the saga of how one (hilarious) tweet bashing ICE led to an early morning visit from DHS agents. Flores also tells us why ICE should be abolished and how defenses of the agency (Sesta Foster) are completely disingenuous.

On the fun half: Cynthia Nixon's small donors spooking Cuomo, John Boehner with a giant bloody mary, Niall Ferguson employs TPUSA students to get dirt on Stanford leftists, Michael Cohen is Willy Loman, purity politics and peeping toms, and DUG!

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