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Professor and Viewpoint Magazine founder Asad Haider joins us to discuss his new book, Mistaken Identity: Race and Class in the Age of Trump, a look at the history of black freedom struggle and how today's subjugated groups can use its legacy to escape the deadlock of identity politics and build solidarity.

On today's show: Trump thanks Harley Davidson for building in America in 2017...unfortunately, they've since moved some operations overseas as the result of Trump's steel tariffs.

Asad Haider joins us to discuss the history of identity politics and what role they should have in the left movements of today. Why the queer, black, socialist feminists of the Combahee River Collective coined the term "identity politics" and what they were seeking to correct. How "identity politics" became a neoliberal battering ram in the hands of people like Jennifer Palmieri. Can the term "identity politics" be saved, or do we need a new one? Haider's take on Jordan Peterson's white, male id pol. Is Black Lives Matter an id pol based movement, or something more? How neoliberal identity politics undermined anti-austerity fights in California. The dangerous misconception that class oppression is solely a white issue. How the socialist organizations of today can include as much of the working class as possible.

The junk science of culturally biased IQ tests.

On the fun half: Sarah Huckabee Sanders was politely asked to leave a restaurant, oh no. Florida AG Pam Bondy chased from Mr. Rogers documentary screening. Fox News' David Bossie tells black Democratic strategist he's out of his "cotton picking mind." Amy Kremer of Women For Trump gets fact checked by Victor Blackwell re: ICE under Obama. Bill and Melinda Gates admit the education "reform" movement has shown no gains for students. The crew attempts to help a confused "Republican Marxist." Dissident Peasant on how the ruling class uses racism to divide workers. Jordan Peterson qualifies his stance on gay marriage: "I'm against it if it's backed by cultural Marxists." Rachel Campos Duffy says detention centers are better than African American projects. Brian Stelter asks Glenn Beck about The Blaze going under, Beck walks off. A caller on how Sam helped save him from libertarianism (check out his podcast, Off Baseline). A caller shares a totally normal passage from Jordan Peterson's book.

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