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Ian Millhiser (@imillhiser) and Jane McAlevey (@rsgexp) join us to discuss the consequences of Justice Kennedy's retirement and the Janus decision.

On today's show: Jeffrey Toobin says Roe v. Wade is doomed.

Ian Millhiser, justice editor at Think Progress, joins us to discuss the ongoing SCOTUS apocalypse. Justice Kennedy's mixed legacy and the likelihood that any good decisions he made will be reversed after he retires. How Democrats could deny Trump a Supreme Court pick via floor vote, should they get Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski on their side. The prospect of reversing Roe v. Wade and the disproportionate impact it would have on poor women, women of color, and LGBT people. The dangers of leaving these questions up to the states. How Abbott v. Perez gave the green light to racial gerrymandering. The absurd principles at play in Gorsuch's homophobic cake shop decision. What it means to pack the courts and when it would make sense for the Democrats to do so.

Jane McAlevey, author of "No Shortcuts: Organizing for Power in the New Gilded Age" joins us to discuss the Janus decision and organizing in a post-Janus world. The compromise struck by the Abood decision. How the forces of capital engineered a case to gut the financial power of the working class. What labor can learn from the wave of teacher strikes in right-to-work states and the "whole worker" approach to building solidarity. How Janus will affect non-unionized workers and what they should be doing right now. How this case fits into a wider class war designed to roll back the last vestiges of the New Deal.

On the fun half: MR gets a call from FDR. Sean Hannity boosts Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's campaign platform. Jordan Peterson is a homophobic sophist in an AMA video. Ana Kasparian goes off on former co-worker Dave Rubin. A caller in CA makes the case for greater democracy in her union. Sam shares some useful talking points on why immigrants won't hurt the economy. A caller rebuts yesterday's libertarian with help from Noam Chomsky. Republican Women of Baltimore County perform a terrible MAGA anthem. DHS breaks up CBS interview at home of ICE whistleblower.

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