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Good morning everyone, on today's show, journalist Jay Cassano, joins us to discuss his new piece, Pentagon’s Top Official For East Asia Led Think Tank Funded By Defense Contractors And Foreign Governments. Cassano shares the history of Project 2049 and how defense contractors and arms dealers are funneling their influence through a bevy of think tanks. Cassano then explains how the weapon system and defense arms race will continue to ratchet up international tensions, specifically in the South China Sea.

And in the fun half: Arizona state legislator doesn't hide the racist immigration ball, Trump will bring back the remains fallen Korean War veterans to their 145-year-old parents, Joe DeVito from Staten Island smashes his framed De Niro photo because Trump, Dave Rubin asks "what does government do well?" before approving USPS's ability to ship his chickens, plus your thoughtful calls and IMs!

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