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Corey Pein (@CoreyPein) joins us to discuss his new book, Live Work Work Work Die: A Journey into the Savage Heart of Silicon Valley and how tech is not the utopian industry we made it out to be less than a decade ago.

Pein gets into his personal history in Silicon Valley, from working for a cutthroat startup to pitching corporate espionage businesses to angel investors. Michael and Corey discuss the larger question of what happens when popular opinion on tech turns sour. A short abstract on Elon Musk's true nature. And are tech workers beginning to have some consciousness of themselves as workers?

Suggested further reading: "Tech Workers Versus the Pentagon" in Jacobin Magazine.

In the fun half: Even Fox News is calling out Scott Pruitt's corruption, Rudy Giuliani is a pig, how to prevent tribal politics in America, NFL stars are speaking out against Trump and his administration's social injustices, American police conduct v. Canadian police conduct, Keith Ellison is running for AG in MN, and Michael breaks down the cult of personality around Elon Musk.

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