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Paul Heideman, a PHD candidate in sociology at NYC explains the opportunity that the left saw to takeover the Democratic Party in the 1960s. Pushing the Dixiecrats out of the Democratic Party. When the Democrats were a southern regional party. Capital intensive industries and coming to terms with the FDR Democratic Party. Where the Left right and wrong in splitting up the Democratic Party in the 1960s. The progressive organizers who organized the split. Why blindness to the power of capital blinded progressive reformers. George Meany and Right Wing labor politics and understanding the power of tech capital in today's Democratic Party.

On The Fun Half: Alan Greyson loses his Senate primary bid to corporate Democrat Patrick Murphy. Did the progressive movement fail Tim Canova? Fox News splits over Hillary Clinton's Alt Right speech. Michelle Bachman says that God gave us Donald Trump. A Kentucky convict was refused a pair of pants and women's hygiene products by prison authorities and a ethical Judge puts a stop to the abuse.

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The prospects for the TPP grows more dim. Is President Obama Green Lantern now. The bogus national security case for the TPP. Mitch McConnell gives the TPP another blow.

Journalist David Dayen explains the Investor State Dispute Settlement system and global trade. Why lack of transparency influences the ISDS. Why the system benefits the wealthy and corporations. The financial industry built around the ISDS and why distressed countries and are threatened by ISDS measures the most.

On the Fun Half: Trump's doctor stands by his insane Trump letter. Is the TPP done. Paul LePage is a unhinged racist and he might want to retire as Governor of Maine. Donald Trump can't pivot on immigration because he knows nothing about it. Rush Limbaugh rages and your calls and IMs.

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Today, @RafiaZakaria joins Michael (in for Sam) to talk about the intersection of war reporting and gender. How war is viewed in culture, from Katy Perry videos to Tina Fey's "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" as frivolous adventure. Rafia's critique of the deployment of feminism-based messaging being used in selling war reporting in her article for The Nation, "Can War Reporting Be a Feminist Project?" The idea of "female spaces" in Muslim communities, and the degree to which they're more accessible to female reporters, and how the subsequent stories result fitting an orientalist paradigm.

On the Fun Half - Hillary Clinton calls out the alt right in a speech. EpiPen CEO struggles to defend price hikes. Donald Trump thinks he's going to win black votes because Dwyane Wade's cousin was shot. Paul LePage leaves a profane voicemail. Reince Priebus is demoralized by Chuck Todd on Meet the Press. How difficult a problem is Syria? Plus your calls and IMs.

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Today, David Daley (@DaveDaley3) on his new book Ratf**ked: The True Story Behind the Secret Plan to Steal America's Democracy. "Operation Red map," and the GOP's post-2008 strategy, largely successful, in strategically redistricting and gerrymandering as a way to make it easier for Republicans to win. What Dave learned actually walking the districts. The sophistication of gerrymandering in an age of big data. The upcoming referendums to lead to independent redisticting, and the court's conception of the "efficiency gap."

For Members: (2/17/06) Janeane and David Cross on Pat Robertson, conservative publishing and simple people, and Janeane and David argue over the "screechy" left. (47:00)

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On today, journalist Paul Tough (@PaulTough) to discuss his new book, "Helping Children Succeed: What Works and Why." How Paul's research into education has developed in relation to policy debates in education. The relationship between poverty, morality, and learning. How stress influences learning, and what constitutes "toxic stress." The importance of early education. How is success defined? What are the prospects for positive change going forward?

For Members: Eugene Mirman and voice of Majority Report Jon Benjamin joined Sam (12/14/05) in studio to discuss a Mr. Hetero competition, make fun of Sean Hannity, closeted republican homophobes, and how jews took over Christmas. (49:30)

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Today, Sam talks to Baz Dreisinger (@BazDreisinger) about her book, Incarceration Nations: A Journey to Justice in Prisons Around the World. What a comparative analysis of incarceration around the world tells us. The distinction between a penal system and a criminal justice system. The recent historical development of the penal system. Penal colonies and modern prisons. How America came to value punishment. Capitalist and colonial influences on the development of incarceration.

For member: (6/7/06) Sam talks to not-yet-Senator Bernie Sanders about the Bush administration's poor record on civil liberties, the estate tax, and why Republicans strategically focus on certain social issues. (41:00)

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Chris Lehmann, author of "The Money Cult: Capitalism, Christianity, and the Unmaking of the American Dream," on the origins of the protestant and puritan work ethics, what is unique to America with regards to religion and capitalism. The worship of money in American religions, including Mormanism. Follow Chris @LehmannChris.

For Members: Seymour Hersh spoke with Sam (11/29/05) on his New Yorker piece, "Up in the Air," on George W. Bush's mental state and his inability to appreciate how terrible the Iraq War was going. (40:30)

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For members, a Rick Perlstein chats with Sam on August 1, 2005 discussing the influence of the DNC on the democrats (and Hillary in particular) with their brand of "centrist" corporatism. Why the GOP is afraid the democrats will return to appealing to the middle-class. (54:00)

2 Dope Boys & a Podcast:

24 - Charles Barkley's 'Race Card,' Kevin Roberts Declares Gender Diversity 'Over,' and Ninja Warrior and The Future of Sports

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 Brand Eff Up:

“Charles Barkley to host new TNT show called ‘The Race Card.’” Washington Post

What’s Up?

The new beef between Kevin Roberts from Saatchi and Cindy Gallop.

Saatchi & Saatchi chairman Kevin Roberts thinks the gender diversity in advertising debate is 'over.' Business Insider


What’s Good?

Below are a couple more things:

1. The Future of Sports.

Phil: “I am fascinated by things like American Ninja Warrior...the whole nature of the competition aligns with our cultural economy/future perspective.

1. men and women compete on the same courses

2. even though there is one winner, the competitors often train together and support each other

3. it doesn't have the traditional branding/maleness of other sports”

“How to build a $100 million company out of mud,” CNN.

Diggin’ in the Crates:

Larry: “Homegoing,” Yaa Gyasi

“Shibumi,” Trevanian

Phil: “Can’t Stop the Prophet” Jeru the Damaja

“Radical Man: The Process of Psycho-Social,” by Charles Hampden Turner

Michael” “Multitude: War and Democracy in the Age of Empire,” Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri

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On today's Michael Casual Friday, Cliff Schecter  (@cliffschecter) and Jimmy Dore (@jimmy_dore) join us.

Cliff Schecter on the ongoing spectacle of the Trump campaign. Paul Manafort out after he's outed as a foreign agent. More conservatives are leaving the Trump campaign. The contemptible Steve Bannon, former Breitbart-er, takes over for Manafort. Trump is preparing for crash-landing. What the apparent GOP collapse could mean for democrats and progressives alike. The great news of the decision against private prisons.

Then Jimmy Dore of the Jimmy Dore Show joins Michael to discuss his "slamming" of Sam Seder that everyone is talking about. Jimmy's frustration with media liberals surprised Hillary is a war hawk. Jimmy recommend the movies "Tropic Thunder" and "The Heiress."

On the fun half - Jeremy Corbyn interrupts anti-Corbyn interview, Newt Gingrich calls out "junk medicine" of TV doctor's Hillary, the Podesta brothers' lobbying ties to Paul Manafort, and your calls an IMs. (1:24:45)


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On the show today we have never before heard interviews from the DNC with Dan Montgomery (@DanJMontgomery) the Vice President of the American Federation of Teachers, Alex Pareene (@pareene) and John Nichols (@NicholsUprising).

Dan Montgomery talked to Sam about the prospects for education under Hillary Clinton, his home state's knowledge of how bad Arnie Duncan was going to be, how bad Obama's legacy on education will be, and how Hillary may be better.

Alex Pareene talks to Sam on day 2 about protestors at the DNC, why Bloomberg was invited, what's the deal with Peter Thiel and Gawker, and totally unrelated: how would a hypothetical billionaire harvest young blood to live forever?

John Nichols on the theater of the DNC roll call vote, the historical significance of the event, the suggestion that politics is "winner take all" and not about building toward goals, what Bernie accomplished, and Tim Kaine is actually a good politician.

On the fun half - Trump's special counsel trots out the "Says who?" defense, O'Reilly whitesplains how black people should vote, Jill Stein has a town hall, and some calls on Sam Harris. (56:00)

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Aetna tries to punish the Obama Administration by pulling out of Obamacare. Why Aetna is trying to destroy Obamacare? Why the insurance business would fail without government support. Aetna tries to extort the government to approve its possible merger with Humana. Would a public option lead to universal healthcare? Juan Williams freaks out a Fox panel by saying Americans want Single Payer and problems with Hillary Clinton's campaign team.

On The Fun Half: debating sexism and Hillary Clinton. Ken Salazar the head of Clinton's transition team is not so progressive. Alex Jones reveals the real problem with Tim Kaine. Mike Pence has a strange answer to question about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama causing a Civil War. Random Rush. Rick Perry attacks the Khans. The Five gets tense when Juan Williams makes sense, Donald Trump projects and your calls and IMs.

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Carol Anderson a Professor of African American Studies at Emory University and author of White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide,explains the roots of the racial crisis in Milwaukee. The history of progress and blowback against African American human rights. The "Black Codes" the laws against the Great Migration. Racism South and North. How White Rage works. How states responded to Brown v Board of Education. Public school funding and property taxes and what that tells us about race. The legal structure of second class citizenship for African Americans. Why class and race are connected but not the same issue and why the Right wants America to look like Apartheid South Africa.

On The Fun Half: a reminder of how stupid Dan Quayle was. Donald Trump calls for "extreme" vetting and Sean Hannity learns a new word. Rudy Giuliani forgets 9/11. Katrina Pierson blames Obama for invading Afghanistan. Rush Limbaugh says #BLM is like a Union Gang. A Trump focus group responds well to a fake anti Hillary ad. Zephyr Teachout challenges a secretive billionaire who is funding a Super PAC against her and your calls and IMs. (58:10)


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Digby (Heather Parton) explains why Trump's written speeches are boring, is Trump getting depressed? Why is Donald Trump losing it on the media. Trump's endless lies. Can Hillary Clinton reach out to Republican voters and run a progressive campaign. How Republicans created Trump. How the Obama Administration defanged the Left, why Clinton will face more pressure and TPP and Clinton's loyalty to President Obama.

On The Fun Half: we revisit Friday's conversation on gender and MR. How to Hold Paul Ryan accountable. Mike Pence defends Trump's sarcasm. Ben Carson defends Donald Trump's latest antics. Glenn Beck in his own special way starts to understand Black Lives Matter and your calls and IMs.

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Cliff Schecter explains why Hillary Clinton is beating Donald Trump in swing state polls. Why Trump is losing educated white voters. Is Trump preparing to lose. Can you run against Trump and Republicans. Why Hillary Clinton is running a generous campaign towards Republicans, while sticking to progressive policies. Clinton promises she is against TPP. How Democratic Presidents govern and will Clinton be progressive.

Film Guy Matthew Weiss talks cucks and and it leads to some studio drams. Matthew's next eBay schemes and Matthew tells us to watch Once Upon a Time in Anatolia.

On The Fun Half: Donald Trump gets called Putin's "Bitch" and a Trump supporter calls reporters traitors. Sean Hannity peddles a new conspiracy about Hillary Clinton and Ben Carson chuckles. Hugh Hewitt tries to get Donald Trump to not say crazy things.

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Investigative journalist David Cay Johnston, author of The Making of Donald Trump, explains why Trump was serious about running for President in 2016. How much does Trump care about losing. Is Trump willfully ignorant. The Mafia connections of the Trump family. Why Trump cares more about Cocaine dealers than sick infants. How Trump uses lawsuits to suppress the press and why there will be more violence because of the Trump campaign and why Trump is a threat to democracy.

On The Fun Half: The fall if Julian Assange. Many Republican voters still don't think President Obama was born in America. Donald Trump campaigns in front of disgraced former Congressman Mark Foley in the front row. Glenn Beck muses on a DNC conspiracy. Trump says that Obama and Clinton created ISIS. The Fox implosion continues and your calls and IMs.

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Is Bridgegate going to finally catch up with Chris Christie? New evidence leading to Chris Christie. Donald Trump basically calls for Hillary Clinton or a Supreme Court Justice to be killed. Paul Ryan lies and tries to cover for Trump. Rudy Giuliani defends Donald Trump's death threat. Joe Scarborough says its time "dump Trump" and Joe and Mika fight on air. Joe Lieberman might endorse Donald Trump.  and he and Mika get into an argument. The hot mic suck up from Joe and Mika back during the primary.

On The Fun Half: how to argue with a conservative. Random Rush. How Newt Gingrich poisoned the well. What motivates Bernie or Bust? An incredibly insane ad by a Republican Congressional candidate in Minnesota.

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Investigative journalist and New York Times contributor Brooke Williams (@reporterbrooke) explains the world of Washington DC think tanks and how they influence policy. Elizabeth Warren's critique of corporate influence of think tanks. How the Brookings Institute was enrolled in a lobbying campaign. JP Morgan Chase, global cities and Brookings. Corporate influence and lack of disclosure and how to reform think tanks.

On The Fun Half: the time George HW Bush called Jeb Bush's kids the "little brown ones". Jeb Bush's son George P Bush will vote for Donald Trump. Mike Huckabee and Megyn Kelly get indignant about the press investigating Melania Trump. Where did the word cuck come from. Can Democrats ever be progressive. Donald Trump has a promise for Detroit and your calls and IMs.

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Michael Monday today, with Alex Cuadros (@AlexCuadros) talking about his book "Brazillionaires: Wealth, Power, Decadence, and Hope in an American Country."

The hopefulness of Lula's Brazil attaining the 2016 Olympics, and why it hasn't worked out that way. The effect the fall in commodity prices has had on Brazilian aspirations and and those of Lula's Worker's Party. Lula's deal-making and shift to "centrism," which meant accommodating corruption in exchange for accomplishing social justice goals. The media in Brazil and the difficulty in understanding what's going on in Brazil through international media. The relationship between Brazil's billionaires and the state. The prosperity gospel of Brazil's second largest tv network. Brazil's Donald Trump, whose father was a government minister who was put in charge of Brazil's largest mining firm.

On the fun half - Trump releases an aggressively poorly produced anti-hillary ad. Alex Jones is upset with Malia Obama's "twerking" at Lollapalooza. Glenn Beck has delusions of grandeur and minimizes Iran-Contra. Fox News thinks PC Republicans will blow it for Trump. (45:00)

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Cliff Schecter explains why Hillary Clinton is looking great in the polls. Why Paul Ryan might lose his primary to a major anti Muslim bigot and why Hillary Clinton will get no honeymoon from the Left.

Andy Kindler's ancestors left Germany before Hitler. Clint Eastwood talks nonsense and Graham Beckel defends him by talking about "post  colonial victim shit". Andy remembers when we were men. Rachel Maddow not happy with Bill Clinton's DNC speech. Why Hillary Clinton is getting unfair coverage and Andy's state of comedy address.

On The Fun Half: Roger Stone threatens a Constitutional crisis if Trump loses the election. And your calls and IMs.

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On today's show Dave Zirin (@EdgeofSports) joins us to talk about the upcoming Brazilian Olympics.

Journalist Dave Zirin, explains the Brazil Olympic crisis and the pile up of awful stories that create the wrong narrative. Why the Olympics and the World Cup bring out the worst in host cities. The concentration of Brazil's oligarchy in real estate and construction. Why the games are not about sports but about politics. The 1936 German Olympics and the origins Olympic propaganda. Brazil's political crisis and impeachment proceedings. Can the Olympics ever be a benefit? And why the sports themselves are amazing.

On The Fun Half: Donald Trump rehashes all of his greatest hits. Trump is losing it and he got a Purple Heart as gift. Is Donald Trump going to pull off a surprise win? Sam gets pissed at a caller. Paul Manefort is even more incoherent than Trump. Ben Carson stumbles back onto TV. The best campaign ad ever.

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Glenn Beck, says the DNC almost got to him except he knows they are Marxist. Is Trump's staff about to leave? Barack Obama says Donald Trump is unfit to serve as President. Ross Douthat whines that Hillary isn't moving to the Right. Why there cannot be a Democratic Donald Trump.

On The Fun Half: A pre-teen at a Trump rally calls Hillary Clinton a "bitch". Katrina Pierson blames Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for the death of Captain Khan. Fareed Zakaria calls Trump a "Bullshit artist". corey Lewandowski goes birther and freaks out on CNN and your calls and IMs.

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Will Melania Trump's nude pictures might finally hurt Trump with core Republican voters.

Ari Berman author of "Give Us the Ballot", Republican voting restriction laws are getting rolled back. The North Carolina Court decision that attacks Republicans efforts to undermine African American voting rights. The importance of finding "intentional discrimination. How many voters will be effected by overturning anti voter rights measures. Why voter restriction laws have nothing to do with voter fraud. Why the Supreme Court most likely hear an appeal. More reversals of voter suppression laws from Wisconsin and Texas and why these decisions are a rebuke of Justice Roberts.

Brad Herzog, a former RV industry spokesperson explains why he was fired from the industry because of his mocking of Donald Trump. When Brad started a Kickstarter campaign to fund distribution of his book D is for Dump Trump – An Anti-Hate Alphabet Book.  The bizarre story of Brad'd firing from the RV world. Is the RV industry conservative and the danger of Trumpism.

On The Fun Half: the amazing Daily Show sketch that helped saved voting rights. How to talk to a Trump supporter. The Republican convention hurt Donald Trump and Trump is looking for excuses. Donald Trump confronts a baby. Why the fever won't break if Trump loses. Warren Buffet joins Michael Bloomberg in mocking Donald Trump. Donald Trump defends Roger Ailes and your calls and IMs.

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On today's show, Michael speaks with Mark Ames (@MarkAmesExiled) on Donald Trump's alleged connections to Putin and how the media is covering the story. The recent history of Russian oligarchs influencing politics outside Russia, including lobbying in the US. McCain's ties to Manafort-Davis in 2008, which Mark wrote about at the time. Russia's notorious aluminum industry as a focus of oligarchic warfare under privatization in the 90s. Paul Manafort's ties to dictators and Roger Stone. The silence over the GOP's ties to John McCain in 2008. The Clinton campaigns use of anti-Russian paranoia against Trump. The non-existent appetite for another Cold War. US complicity in the collapse of the Russian economy in 1998. Would Hillary or Trump be more likely to say "no" to generals? Hillary's own Russia connections.

On the fun half: Trump is not spending money on ads. Khizr Kahn continues taking it to Trump, who isn't responding well. Mike Pence churns out meaningless press release distancing and not distancing himself from Trump attacking the Kahns.

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