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Nomiki Konst (@NomikiKonst) joins us for Casual Friday.

On today's show: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez explains to Stephen Colbert what Democratic Socialism means to her. Nomiki Konst joins us to discuss ongoing efforts to reform the Democratic Party. AOC's impact on New York City politics and the transactional relationship between establishment Democrats and unions. Why unions didn't deliver for Crowley and might not for Cuomo. How AOC took on the Democratic Party machine in one of its biggest strongholds. Nomiki updates us on her work on the Democratic Unity Reform Commission. The effect of curbing the number of superdelegates and removing them from the first ballot. Nomiki contextualizes her viral "meltdown" video and explains what's wrong with the Democratic Party.

AOC explains to Stephen Colbert how changing the electorate changes polling. A new Jimmy Reefercake song is played.

On the fun half: Amy Maldonado does mock trial with her son re-enacting detained child court hearing. Capitol police arrest 575 people protesting to end ICE and family detention. Jordan Peterson says men can't control women who they cannot hit. Tony in Miami on ICE detention centers in Florida.

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