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Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wins Democratic primary in New York, causing the establishment to freak out. AOC shocked when she finds out she's likely to win. Poppy Harlow questions AOC on ICE, impeachment, party loyalty, and 2020 candidates in an effort to trip her up. The Supreme Court's reactionary rulings on unions (Janus), gerrymandering, and crisis pregnancy centers.

On the fun half: Delgado wins NY 19 primary with 22% of the vote. Michelle Malkin "questions the sanity" of DSA and "abolish ICE" movement. Joe Crowley endorses AOC, dedicates performance of "Born To Run" to her. Jake Tapper's whatabout-ism on Ellison and Farrakhan. David Gergen says the left of today is more "uncivil" than civil rights and anti-war movements of the 1960s. A libertarian calls in to argue about how to control the cost of college. Justice Kennedy retires, f-ing the Supreme Court for years to come. Ronald Raygun on SCOTUS, how ICE is hurting the economy. Plugs for activist groups and

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