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On today's show: SNL reminds everyone that Bush was actually a terrible president. Christian Picciolini, a reformed white supremacist turned peace activist, joins us to discuss his new book, "White American Youth: My Descent into America's Most Violent Hate Movement--and How I Got Out," and explain how the white supremacist movement has grown and thrived in the age of Trump. From his own experiences as a member of a neo-Nazi skinhead gang, he concludes the white power movement preys on people's need for community, targeting disaffected, insecure, or otherwise marginalized youth. He traces his journey from when he first joined CASH (Chicago Area Skin-Heads) to when he exited the group years later after making personal connections with black and Jewish customers at his record store. He discusses the connections between American neo-Nazis and Islamist groups like ISIS. Finally, he breaks down what's going on with so-called "alt-right" groups and offers suggestions for how to combat their influence through empathy. (We're probably still going to make fun of their leaders, but it's food for thought.)

On the fun half: Donald Trump tries to explain climate change (or "heating and cooling") to Piers Morgan, Jeb Bush takes some weak shots at Rubio and Trump and is generally miserable, a caller says Americans need to stop letting the aristocracy divide us, a caller shares firsthand knowledge of the Hell's Angels, why are the Democrats so committed to bipartisanship when their base DGAF, is Obama to blame for rehabilitating Bush II's image? (yes), the connection between right-wing libertarianism and the alt-right, Stephanie Hamill whines about fake news re: Mueller and gets called out for her #Pizzagate tweet, has Sam ever been in a fist fight?, and Sam reminisces about the time he got yelled at by Carl Bernstein.

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