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Dave Weigel (@daveweigel) joins us to talk about the changing political tide.

On today's show: Trump paid adult performer Stormy Daniels $150k for mysterious reasons but nobody cares because it's Trump, and Eric Trump goes on Fox and Friends to claim his dad is too greedy to be racist.

Journalist David Weigel joins us to discuss "the Wisconsin surprise." Is it a sign that districts all over the country will switch from "R" to "D" in 2018? While wealthy exurbs will benefit most from the Trump tax cuts, dissatisfaction with other Trump policies led these districts to lean toward Democrat Patty Schachtner in Tuesday's special state Senate election. With rising backlash to Trump and ad hoc groups all over the country contributing money and people power to defeating the GOP, it's possible Democrats will continue to see victories.

On the fun half: Trump's homeland security secretary Kirstjen Nielsen isn't sure that Norway is mostly white people, Tucker Carlson and his crazy friend Heather MacDonald think feminists brought rape upon themselves via the sexual revolution, Dave Rubin uses MLK Day to remind viewers he understands neither MLK, economic systems, nor the meaning of life, a caller accuses the left of supporting Chelsea Manning's Senate run for id-pol-related reasons, Steve Bannon calls in with a question about Bitcoin, Victor in VA wonders what the Democrats' immigration policy actually is, are bad faith actors using the Aziz Ansari story as an excuse for #metoo backlash? (duh), White House doctor Ronny Jackson claims Trump has "great genes," Jamie upsets Michael with a theory on Trump's kinks, Senator Jeff Flake compares Trump to Stalin, and Republicans steal valor from Abe Lincoln.

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