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Iowa voters openly laugh at State Senator Joni Ernst when she suggests Trump is "standing up" for certain countries, Tom Cotton thinks the Democrats will be punished politically if they shut down the government over DACA, KY governor Matt Bevin defends Medicaid work requirements, a woman bids a tearful farewell to her husband who's being deported after 30 years in the US, and Sam says the f-word, with good reason: Trump's attack on immigrants is racism, pure and simple.

On the fun half: Jon from San Antonio breaks down the Democrats' 2018 chances, Ronald Raygun thinks the media has failed us by reporting more on the word "shithole" than Trump's actual immigration policy, Rand Paul thinks we are the problem for calling Trump a racist, S.E. Cupp has some interesting metaphors for Trump's defenders, Project Veritas "uncovers" well-known facts about social media, Ben Shapiro finally gets shoved in a locker, UK politician Emily Thornberry throws shade on Trump's attempted visit, a caller plugs Edwards for PA, a caller makes Sam an offer he can't refuse, Gorka tries desperately to hold onto relevance, and Dissident Peasant explains why we must un-couple work from our value as people.

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