The Majority Report with Sam Seder

On today's show: Fox News' Bob Massi thinks the Democrats boycotting Trump's state of the union are the real racists, Senator Ed Markey says Dems are "not going to blink" without DACA, General John Kelly says Trump's views on the wall have "evolved" and gets reamed out on Twitter by Boss Baby himself, Trump's policies and the El Salvador government are working together to force refugees into slave labor in Qatar. 

On the fun half: Greg in OK plugs progressive Tom Guild's 2018 congressional campaign, James in Brussels breaks down how lobbying and campaign finance work in Europe, AZ governor Doug Ducey is offended the media would tie his "school choice" campaign to the Koch brothers just because they're funding it, we discuss the Aziz Ansari story with multiple callers, Kyle Stephens confronts her rapist, former USA Olympic team doctor Larry Nassar, in court, Sam tries to bro down with a caller about carpentry, can social movements change policy or must we engage in bourgeois electoralism, Jeff Sessions spreads misinformation about the education levels of immigrants (not that it should matter; let's not play respectability politics), why is the Democratic Party so beholden to purple states, a Canadian talks about US immigration policy's effects on Canada, Ronald Raygun delivers the funny once more, and a DACA recipient calls in to share his story.

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