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Cliff Schecter (@CliffSchecter) and Isabel Gillies (@IsabelGillies) join us for Casual Friday.

On today's show: ICE strikes a deal to track people's license plates, Sean Hannity backs off his claim that Trump trying to fire Mueller is "fake news," and Cliff Schecter (@CliffSchecter) joins us to talk Mueller, government shutdown, cowardly Democrats, and more. After taking Chuck Schumer to task for his poor negotiation skills, Cliff and Sam posit some ideas for who might do a better job as Senate minority leader in the age of Trump. Next, Isabel Gillies (@IsabelGillies) calls in to talk star sightings, the Oscars, and #metoo's effect on Hollywood. Is Casey Affleck's stepping down from presenting the "best actress" award a sign things are changing? Isabel shares a personal story that relates to the current conversation.

On the fun half: John from San Antonio talks Medicare for All, DACA, and how nobody cares about the stock market, Chris Lapakko wonders if Democrats should skip the state of the union, Ron Johnson backs off his "secret society" claim, Trump claims at Davos "the best anti-poverty program is a paycheck" (will this lead him to a federal jobs guarantee?), Republicans refuse to say they find Mike Pence more credible than Stormy Daniels, can we shame lawmakers and gun manufacturers by naming mass shootings after them?, a caller breaks down a Senate race in FL, more commie talk, and a caller wants help getting through to his centrist liberal friends (hint: send them to

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