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On this episode of The Majority Report, Cas Mudde (@CasMudde), an assistant Professor of International Relations at University of Georgia and author of The Far Right in America (Extremism and Democracy), joins us to discuss far right movements in Europe and the United States. How are these movements different in the US vs Europe? How reliant are they on shady rich people's money? Whatever happened to the Tea Party? And the five stages of liberal denial!

On the fun half: Gavin McInnes thinks Michael Wolf wrote a mean book about Trump because he's a closeted gay, Newt Gingrich disses Bannon, Tucker Carlson is upset about The Root being mean to white people, Jeff Sessions rescinds Obama's policy on legal pot, Ben Carson fails at rolling back a voucher program, a caller outlines the need for a unified left, more callers discuss ethnocentricity, and will the bitcoin bubble burst? (Yes.)

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