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It's Casual Friday! Sam and Emma host David Dayen, executive editor at the American Prospect to round up the week in news. First, Sam and Emma run through updates on the Federal Reserve’s continued battle against labor, DeSantis going full fascist with the Florida legislature, the House ethics investigation into George Santos, Norfolk Southern’s cleanup in East Palestine, and Bari Weiss’ support of bonkers anti-trans “reporting,” before parsing through Joe Biden’s recent statements against the democratic right of the citizens of DC to be legislated by their elected officials. David Dayen then joins as he dives right into the move of Labor Sec. Marty Walsh to the Boston Bruins, the minimal void he leaves behind him, and what we can expect from Julie Su’s assumption of his position, walking through the policy that will be on her Department of Labor’s table, and their main job of sustaining the new workforce coming out of the CHIPs Act and the IRA. Next, David briefly walks Sam and Emma through ongoing discussions about Biden’s new FAA appointment, before shifting the conversation to the battle between labor and monopoly coming to a head with an upcoming airline merger seeing a battle between JetBlue and Spirit unions, and the regulatory failures of the freight industry resulting in Norfolk Southern’s chemical disaster in East Palestine. Wrapping up, David dives deeper into Norfolk Southern’s PR “clean-up,” and tackles the rhetorical pinning of inflation on labor.

And in the Fun Half: Emma and Sam discuss Fox tiptoeing around acknowledging their impending lawsuit with Dominion, Josh from New Jersey reflects on the Warren-Sanders split in the 2020 primary, and Ben from Long Island takes on the state of the job market. John from Southern Jersey talks about East Palestine, Tim Pool’s dad speaks out about Tim’s hypocrisy, and CPAC starts out exactly as stupidly as you’d expect. Burnon from KY pitches some risotto tactics and updates Sam on the bourbon industry, plus, your calls and IMs!

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