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Emma hosts Dr. Annelle Sheline, Middle East Research Fellow at the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, to discuss her recent piece "Ending Counterproductive U.S. Involvement in Yemen." First, Emma runs through updates on Bernie launching a vote to subpoena Howard Schultz in the wake of their egregious and widespread anti-union practices, Blinken’s conversations with Russian representatives, the Havana pseudo-Syndrome, Norfolk Southern union workers getting sick at the East Palestine clean-up site, the cooling labor market, voters’ concerns about Biden’s age, Oregon’s UBI for homeless families, and the GOP’s congressional aims, before diving deeper into Biden’s successful Student-Debt-relief arguments in front of the Supreme Court. Dr. Annelle Sheline then joins as she and Emma reflect on their previous conversations on US involvement in Yemen, assessing the staunch stance by both the Trump and Biden administrations to stand against any Congressional War Powers Resolutions, with Trump openly embraced the Saudi-led war while Biden plays both sides, supporting more Saudi airstrikes in the region while vocally supporting a continuation of peace. Next, Dr. Sheline walks through the state of this 8-year-long humanitarian crisis, looking to comparisons with the Russian invasion of Ukraine and Israeli apartheid as they tackle Yemenis’ reliance on dwindling humanitarian aid and the massively destructive impact of blockades – which serve to destroy entire public institutions, infrastructure, and the futures of myriad generations – before she and Emma parse through the various parties involved in shifting this civil war into a proxy war, how and why they became involved, and why this outside funding (from all sides) can only serve to prolong this destruction. Wrapping up, they assess the role of the US in particular, their continued devastation reigned over the Middle East, a potential military pivot to the pacific, and why military-based competition with China would be an outrageously foolish move for the US elite to make.

And in the Fun Half: Emma is joined by Matt Binder and Brandon Sutton as they talk with Kowalski from Nebraska on the recent revelations about child and migrant labor and get an agricultural update from his farm. They also watch Israeli officials espouse virulently genocidal rhetoric and discuss the culpability of the international community in supporting the apartheid, Matt Walsh actively lies about his elite cohort as they push back against working-class access to education, and Adam and Valerie call in from Iowa to discuss the hypocritic and genocidal demonization of trans people and Cocaine Bear. Newsmax dives into the political role of their “mongoloid” demographic, plus, your calls and IMs!

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