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Sam hosts Aaron Kleinman, director of research for the States Project at Future Now, to discuss the upcoming Wisconsin State Supreme Court election in April. Then they're joined by Peter Shamshiri, or Law Boy on Twitter, co-host of the 5-4 Podcast, to discuss the recent oral arguments before the Supreme Court. First, Sam runs through updates on the DOJ bringing a case against the Memphis PD, Biden’s budget (and its record-breaking defense spending), the reaction to Tucker Carlson’s white-washing of 1/6, and Twitter vs. the FTC, before diving into Elizabeth Warren’s takedown of Jerome Powell as he shunts one half of the Fed’s mandate (employment) in favor of the other (inflation). Aaron Kleinman then joins as he and Sam dive right into the Wisconsin Supreme Court race between Trump alumnus Daniel Kelly and “pro-democracy” Janet Protasiewicz, walking through the stakes – from election shenanigans to reproductive rights – before looking to the electoral nature of the state, with one of the country’s worst cases of gerrymandering, and wrapping up the interview exploring the Democrats’ success in special elections post-Dobbs, and how that could play out in the additional State Senate race. Peter Shamshiri and Sam then take on the status of Biden’s Student Loan relief program, summarizing the argument his administration is bringing in front of the Supreme Court, why said argument is so emergency-specific, and why the justices’ questions during oral arguments centered around administrative power. Expanding on this, Sam and Peter discuss the battle between the Chevron and Major Question Doctrines, and why the “standing” of the cases being brought against Student Debt relief is on flimsy ground, before wrapping up the interview by summarizing the Supreme Court’s recent cases regarding the constitutionality of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the accountability of tech platforms for what their algorithms promote.

And in the Fun Half: Another Daily Wire theocrat (Michael Knowles) preaches about why divine right monarchy is better at limiting power than democracy, Republicans try to pin Norfolk Southern’s climate disaster on “diversity” while still refusing to bolster regulations, and Bernie Sanders launches his investigation into Howard Schultz’s mass exploitation. Kevin McCarthy and Tucker Carlson feel the heat for their Twitter-files-esque release of footage whitewashing January 6th, plus, your IMs!

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