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Sam and Emma are back with news and reflection on the Invasion of Iraq. First, they run through updates on Trump’s impending arrest in New York, UBS acquiring Credit Suisse, debates over rolling back the Dodd-Frank rollbacks that let the SVB collapse slide, Wyoming’s crackdown on the abortion pill, a new IPCC report, Florida making their school book bans accessible to any aggrieved parent, Macron’s impending no-confidence vote in France, Howard Schultz quitting his post at Starbucks rather than testify in front of Bernie Sanders, and revelations about Reagan and his team’s role in the delayed Iran hostage crisis. Next, they dive a little deeper into the response from Pence and DeSantis to the Manhattan DA’s charges against Trump, before they step back to reflect on the two-decade anniversary of the US’ invasion of Iraq. They parse through the lies and right-wing hawkery of Thomas Friedman, Colin Powell, and George W. Bush that pushed the US into this quagmire, and the absurd and inhuman perspectives that necessitated this war.

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma watch the Daily Wire hosts flaunt their complete incompetence as patriarchs, Val from Nashville walks through updates on Tennessee's Nazi-supported trans- and homophobic legislation, and Audrey from Seattle chats AI. Gregory from Oklahoma reflects on his campaign, Paul from Minnesota discusses FedEx’s relationship to organized labor, and a San Diego caller explores the difference between deficit and debt. Max from Arkansas talks with the crew about Andrew Yang’s Forward Party, plus, your calls and IMs!

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