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Sam and Emma host Meron Rapoport, editor of Local Call, to discuss his recent reporting on the protests in Israel over Prime Minister Netanyahu's proposed judicial reforms for +972 Magazine and Mekomit. First, Sam and Emma run through updates on yesterday’s mass shooting in Nashville, testimony from banking regulators about $13 Billion of SVB’s uninsured deposits coming from 10 billionaires, NC expanding Medicaid, Dollar General’s safety violations, the NLRB coming after Chipotle, Howard Schultz being forced to testify in front of Bernie, and the NYT’s warning to staff that signed the open letter asking for “facts” to be “used” in articles about trans people, before parsing through the Right Wing’s immediate attempt to use the shooting in Nashville to vilify trans people (despite the large majority of targeted shootings being carried out by far-right extremists), and watch the right continue to argue for keeping children hungry. Meron Rapoport then joins as he dives right into the developments over the last four weeks (since his last appearance) in Bibi Netanyahu’s attempt to nullify the power of the judicial branch, first looking to the drive behind this authoritarian move, capitalizing on Israel’s lack of a constitution to bolster the power of his far-right coalition, while opening up pathways to the homophobic, misogynist, and the genocidal policy of his allies. After a brief conversation on the narrative of Bibi and his allies as anti-democratic, Emma, Sam, and Meron look to the overwhelming popular response from Israeli citizens to push back against this “reform,” with millions pouring out onto the streets over the last few weeks, culminating in the last 48 hours, where military personal have joined citizens in protest. Next, Rapoport walks through Bibi’s response to the protest, putting a delay on his authoritarian maneuver while attempting to form a private militia under minister control, before they wrap up by assessing Israel’s relationship to democracy as an apartheid state, the concept of pro-democracy protests that do nothing to address apartheid, and whether potential calls for a constitution will be viable.

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma watch Donald Trump lay into Ron DeSantis’ lack of loyalty, Fox hosts from Laura Ingraham to Brian Kilmeade plead with Trump to lay off DeSantis, and Maria Bartiromo runs to the defense of poor Matt “got criticized by the left” Taibbi. Matt Walsh extols the value of genocide, plus, your calls and IMs!

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