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Sam hosts Meron Rapoport, editor of Local Call, to discuss his recent reporting on the conflict in Israel & Palestine for +972 Magazine. Then, they're joined by ProPublica reporters J. David McSwane & Ryan Gabrielson to discuss their recent piece "A Christian Health Nonprofit Saddled Thousands With Debt as It Built a Family Empire Including a Pot Farm, a Bank and an Airline". First Sam kicks off with President Biden's remarks in Virginia Beach yesterday, where he (smartly) reminded everyone that every single Republican during his State of the Union address stood up to protect social programs...and were on camera doing so. He pairs this with former President Trump, who seemingly has gotten his groove back, continuing to piledrive Ron DeSantis over his support for cutting so-called "entitlements." Then, Sam's joined by Meron as they dive into the recent demonstrations in Israel over the judicial "reforms" that President Netanyahu and his far-right coalition want to implement, as well as the tremendous violence that has occurred over the last few days in Israeli settlements. Meron goes so far as to consider this one of, if not the most combustible time in history internally within Israel. Then, David and Ryan join Sam to break down their new bombshell reporting in ProPublica about Liberty HealthShare, a healthcare sharing ministry that, under the auspices of providing health services as a religiously affiliated non-profit, avoided almost all regulatory scrutiny while committing massive amounts of fraud.

And in the Fun Half, Sam and the gang  touch on poor "Meatball" Ron DeSanctimonious trying to hit back (weakly) at Trump on Fox while Trump runs wild on Seb Gorka's program, the new China hysteria on Capitol Hill  coming from FBI Director Wray on the lab leak and Rep. Matt Gaetz...spouting Chinese propaganda in a congressional hearing? And let's not forget Greg Gutfeld saying COVID didn't allow anyone to be racist! Also, Lindsey Graham gets hysterical about immigrants crossing the border and never leaving (a claim a NYTimes report directly refutes *this morning*). Paul Ryan and Charlie Sykes sit down for some reputation laundering about his membership on Fox's board, plus your IM's!

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