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Happy Friday! While Sam travels back from Las Vegas, the venerated Michael Brooks brings you this week's Casual Friday featuring Daniel Bessner from the University of Washington and activist/organizer Nomiki Konst.

On today's show: Bernie explains Medicare-for-all on Kimmel.

Daniel Bessner (@DBessner), Anne H. H. and Kenneth B. Pyle Assistant Professor in American Foreign Policy in the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington, joins Michael to discuss the situation in Kashmir. Also: the crucial differences between Warren and Sanders when it comes to foreign policy. Read his latest piece for Jacobin, "On Foreign Policy, Bernie Stands Alone." And check out his book, Democracy in Exile: Hans Speier and the Rise of the Defense Intellectual (The United States in the World).

Nomiki Konst (@NomikiKonst) joins us to break down the news. AOC: endorsement of Bernie is a function of needing leadership that works for working people. Ilhan Omar on why she endorsed Bernie. Nomiki discusses her new project MatriarchOrg, which will work to get progressive, working class women elected to Congress. Learn more and donate at!

On the fun half: Dave Rubin on the Joker movie. Jordan Peterson and his daughter (maybe) wrote a book on the benefits of an all-meat diet. Yang says he's most like Joe Biden, says he's open to being his running mate. Is the left going too hard on Facebook? A call from the picket lines of the paraeducators' strike in WA (follow and support them @Sumner_EA). Oakland librarian dragged by cops. Cops meet Oakland teachers and activists with violence and aggression. Why Mayo Pete is a huge liability for the Democratic Party. Tulsi echoes GOP talking points on impeachment inquiry during Hannity interview. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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