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Virgil Texas (@virgiltexas) from Chapo Trap House joins us for a freebie Friday.

On today's show: FEC chair Weintraub writes letter clarifying laws on foreign interference in elections. 4Doc on text messages from members of the Intelligence, Oversight and Reform, and Foreign Affairs Committees.

Virgil Texas (@virgiltexas) from Chapo Trap House joins us to break down the news. Impeachment: how Trump's current predicament compares to Watergate. Rep. Lee Zeldin contradicts publicly available info on foreign interference. Warren, Sanders release numbers; Bernie ahead of Warren. What to make of the Eric Levitz's recent analysis of Bernie vs. Warren? Kevin Sorbo on Coldfeet Crowder. Reporters filmed the encounter between NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, a Sikh, and a man in Montreal, Quebec. AOC town hall in Corona, NY crashed by LaRouche supporter on climate change and eating babies. Jacob Wohl's performance art on Cougar Liz. Rubio comments on Ukraine story. Senior Trump policy advisor Peter Navarro with Jim Scuitto on CNN newsroom, gets indignant when asked about Trump looking for help from China. Trump this morning in front of the chopper, says "you'll have to ask AG Barr if there's an investigation into Biden," but he's interested in fighting corruption.

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Welcome to Majority.FM's AM QUICKIE! Brought to you by


A stunning new report claims Trump removed the Ukrainian Ambassador because Rudy Giuliani said she was interfering with his investigation into Joe Biden. 

Meanwhile, here comes another one! A new whistleblower from inside the IRS says the Treasury Department tried to interfere with an audit of Trump’s tax returns.

And lastly, progressives warn of a stealth privatization effort by the White House as Trump signs an executive order aimed at undermining the Medicare for All movement. 


CNN reports that President Trump mentioned the political prospects of Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren in a June 18 phone call with Chinese President Xi Jinping. During the call, Trump reportedly told Xi that he would stay quiet about the violent Hong Kong protests as trade talks between the two countries progressed

From the BBC; Hong Kong’s embattled leader Carrie Lam invoked emergency powers to ban face masks at the city’s pro-democracy protests, threatening offenders with one year in jail if they prevent themselves from being identified by police.

Bernie Sanders will participate in the next Democratic primary debate later this month, an aide confirmed Thursday, while the Vermont senator's wife reported that he is “up and about” following a heart procedure that forced him off the campaign trail.

Energy Secretary Rick Perry is expected to announce his resignation next month. Sources tell Politico that Perry’s exit is unrelated to Ukraine, however, the energy secretary is the subject of two congressional subpoenas targeted at Rudy Giuliani efforts to pressure Ukraine into investigating Joe Biden and his son.

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