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On today's program, we planned to discuss, The Fallacy of Dynamic Scoring in Social Security and why we should use the first scenario in the Social Security trustee report, with Dr. Leonard Fleishman. Unfortunately, Brendan chewed through critical ethernet cables. The interview was lost, the show halted, and the MR team pivoted to its backup programming, Stoughton, Massachusetts' own Ken, Ken & Ken show. 

On the Ken, Ken, & Ken show, Ryan Grim joins the Deuce to discuss the vicious Squad and why ISIS and ICE are the same--unbelievable. The boys then explain the cruelty of the ABA in the face of Lawrence VanDyke's confirmation hearing to be a federal judge. Plus, the latest hot single from Lil Trump, "Impeach Deez Nutz." The gang also gets to your calls and IMs about all the lib losers who run our culture and the deep state. 

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