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Sam is back for day two at the Mass Torts Conference in Las Vegas. Chris Tisi first joins Sam to discuss the progress on the Talcum powder lawsuit and when Johnson & Johnson knew its product caused cancer in women. While the litigation moves through the courts, Tisi hopes the FDA will follow the lead of Canadian Drug regulators and label Talcum as a "not fit for human consumption." Attorney Matt Schultz joins Sam next to discuss potential litigation against Juul, the vaping giant owned by Altria. Schultz explains how the rise of vaping products, and particularly Juul, took a virtually nicotine-free generation and turned it into the most nicotine-addicted age since scientists started measuring it. Finally, attorney Wes Bowden joins Sam to discuss PFAS forever chemicals used across US military and naval bases. These forever chemicals do not disintegrate naturally in our bodies or environment and cause cancer even in the most trace amounts. Bowden says that there are approximately 6 million Americans currently receiving bottled water from the government because of high traces of PFAS found in their drinking water.

And in the Fun Half: Matt Gaetz says storming the SCIF was like '300,' the roast of Zuckerberg hosted by the women of the Democratic party, Ronald Ray Gun is learning a lot from Tim Pool, Jeff from Georgia is now the Boba Fett of the Majority Report, Sam brings on a new friend from Vegas who's against Medicare for All, plus your calls and IMs!

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