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Sam makes his triumphant return to Las Vegas for the Mass Torts Conference!

Jeff Gaddy from Levin Papantonio is Sam's first guest of the day to discuss the on-going multi-jurisdiction litigation going on against the opioid producers and distributors across America. Gaddy and Sam explore the extensive lawsuits against drug-makers and distributors and make sense of the various settlements decided in the past several months. Gaddy gives a play-by-play of how Judge Dan Polster separated the enormous case into more manageable cases, which helped bring about the first settlements in the opioid litigation. Gaddy and Sam conclude their conversation considering how drug companies declaring bankruptcy might affect these settlements and what that means for consumers.

Carissa Phelps, an author, attorney, and advocate for exploited youth, joins Sam to discuss litigation against hotel corporations and their liability role in child trafficking. Phelps explains the role of police calls, reports, and even Trip Advisor reviews, which all point to recurring instances of child abuse at hotels across the country. Phelps goes on to share her own experience being sexually abused and trafficked as a young girl; and why it motivated her to dedicate her life to abolishing child sex trafficking. Sam and Carissa also get into the thornier issues surrounding sex work decriminalization and FOSTA-SESTA. The two conclude their conversation considering the Jeffrey Epstein case and how it will measure society moving forward.

And in the Fun Half: Judge Rehnquist's special robe, considering the Senate vote on impeachment, the Sanders ground operation in Iowa, recounting the Tim Pool debate, Ilhan Omar demands our attention to Modi's agenda of ethnic cleansing, Shaq defends Daryl Morey's stance on Hong Kong protests and free speech, Kirstjen Nielsen's rehabilitation tour takes a spin through the Fortune Most Powerful Women's Forum, team Bernie cuts a good ad, debunking Larry Summers claim that a Wealth Tax is political suicide, Zuckerberg says there's no fact-checking on Facebook, plus your IMs!

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