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On today's show: Trump says the the Pence/Pompeo delegation is going to Turkey. Erdogan says he will talk to Americans when Trump talks to him. Tom Steyer spent $48 million on failed campaign that could have been used to improve US politics. Bernie calls out Biden on bad policy he's gotten done. Bernie calls out centrist Dems for not fighting the insurance and pharma industries. Warren explains the CFPB, Biden tells her "good job!" Bernie Sanders asked about taxing billionaires, pivots to wealth inequality. Labor is being taxed at a higher rate than capital as of 2018. AOC to endorse Bernie!

On the fun half: Buttigieg claims Warren is being evasive on healthcare. Buttigieg pivots away from his February answer on m4a. Former CMS administrator on why public options don't work for patients. Kamala Harris conflates anti-trust tech regulation & banning Trump from Twitter. Ilhan Omar's Bernie endorsement video. John King says Bernie's endorsements are too "urban" and "internet." Trump will never call Columbus Day "Indigenous Peoples Day." Plus, your calls and IMs!

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