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The MR team is back in action after its annual spring hiatus with a steaming bowl of news. Sam breaks down the Joe Biden 2020 campaign rollout which quickly turned into a stumble after his non-apology apology to Anita Hill, using Heather Heyer's death as the central point of his announcement video, and a surrogate's cynical attempt to diminish Elizabeth Warren's track record as a tough financial regulator.  Meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren's debt cancellation policy proposal looks like it would have a positive impact on the economy if implemented. And Sam closes out the fun half explaining the Mueller Report, its findings, and the problem with only seeing the Mueller Report through the lens of a media critique.

And in the Fun Half: Trump's opposition towards oversight, Dave Rubin is getting his comeuppance online and we're definitely here for it but Dave just wants to get back to ideas, Trump is back on the stump and he's spinning lies faster than ever, She the People and Bernie Sanders, the alleged hackings in Florida elections and how to respond to its politics, Obama's role in the 2020 election, Buttigieg's response to why he fired a popular black police chief in South Bend leaves a lot unanswered, plus your calls and IMs!

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