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Sam is at the Torts Law Conference in Las Vegas. On Day Two, Sam speaks with Daniel Nigh and Archie Lamb of the firm Levin Papantonio about suits concerning faulty medications and the California wild fires. Also: Andrew Bederman, chair of the American Association for Justice PAC, on the unfair stigma around trial lawyers.

On the fun half: Supercut of Trump mentioning Wikileaks. Trump says Wikileaks is "not really my thing." Tulsi Gabbard warns against the DOJ extraditing Assange. Katie Porter stumps JP Morgan Chase's Jamie Dimon with questions about employee's income. Ayanna Pressley asks why banks still have overdraft fees and if CEOs believe they're a tool to punish the poor. Cindy Axne presses Dimon on why regulators should lower capital requirements. Trump supports Barr's spying claims. Ainsley Earhardt asks: If we found out Hillary Clinton's campaign was being spied on, don't you think everyone would be upset about that? NY Post weaponizes 9/11 to smear Ilhan Omar. Rep. Ilhan Omar fires back at Fox News on Colbert: "I am as American as everyone else." Dan Crenshaw "too busy" to talk benefits for victims of 9/11. Waleed Shaheed asks where Democratic leadership is in defending their progressive women leaders. Tomas Massie doesn't understand how a Bachelor's of Arts works.

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