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Fox's Brian Kilmeade smears Rep. Ilhan Omar: "You have to wonder if she's an American first." Trump says Bibi re-election gives better chance of peace in Middle East. Dianna Buttu explains Palestnians' position on Israeli elections: "you either choose Trump or you choose Trump."

On the fun half: The crew addresses Bernie Sanders' book money. Trump visits George Washington's Mount Vernon estate, wonders why he didn't name it after himself. Tulsi Gabbard dodges interview with Ana Kasparian. Dave Rubin says he won't debate Sam. Candace Owens claims the Republican Party's Southern strategy wasn't real. Lee Atwater lays out Southern strategy in infamous 1981 interview. Mohammad Abu Salha recounts how his children were murdered by white nationalists. Steve Mnuchin gets served by Maxine Waters. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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