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David Dayen (@ddayen) joins us to discuss Wendell Primus, the top aide to Nancy Pelosi who is trying to destroy single payer healthcare.

On today's show: Gov. Cuomo to sign Child Victims Act into law in NY. Republicans block Democrat-led efforts to tighten state vaccine laws. Fox News is freaking out in the wake of Bernie's town hall. Seema Verma comes on and explains why America can't have Medicare For All.

David Dayen (@ddayen) joins us to discuss Wendell Primus, the top aide to Nancy Pelosi who is trying to destroy single payer healthcare. How Primus' position as a "member/staffer" gives him the power to block progressive legislation without ever winning an election. Primus' Clinton era resignation from the HHS and subsequent rightward drift. The persistent notion that Democratic Party leaders must be protected from progressive ideas. Democrats and Republicans' divergent approaches to dealing with their bases. How Primus intervened on the wrong side of a battle over drug prices. Will the DCCC's attempts to impose party discipline backfire? For more, check out Dayen's article on Wendell Primus at The Intercept. Also Chain of Title, his book on the foreclosure crisis, and The American Prospect, of which he is now the executive editor!

On the fun half: Trump says Ilhan Omar has been very disrespectful of America, implies she's not American. Former NY police commissioner says Ilhan Omar is "infatuated with Al Qaeda." Liz Warren brings donuts to Stop and Shop picket line. Jexodus is back, baby! Now led by Jeff Ballabon, not millennials. Jeff Ballabon claims that Democrats are harboring anti-Semitism. Mindy climbs aboard the Bernie train. Pete Buttigieg says tone is important when reforming capitalism. Protesters at Buttigieg rally do homophobic(?) protest with Pete whipping Jesus while Satan cheers him on. MSNBC has mind-obliteratingly empty conversation about the "buzz" around Mayor Pete. Tressie McMillan Cottom explains how Wall Street exacerbated the for-profit college problem. Tennessee protesters at Capitol after House GOP passed voter registraton criminalization. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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