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On today's show: Trump wants to abolish immigration judges. Kris Kobach, a possible pick for Trump's "immigration Czar," advocates for "processing towns" where asylum seekers are concentrated into "camps."

Neil Gorsuch rules that "cruel and unusual" must be decided based on the standards of 1787. Conservative claims win in WI supreme court race. Democrat wins Senate seat in PA special election. DSA-endorsed socialists win seats on Chicago's city council.

On the fun half: Trump wants investigators to explore the "oranges" of the Mueller report. WH spokesman laments disaster relief to Puerto Rico, says "that country" has mismanaged aid. Mollie Hemmingway on shutting down the southern border: "a little pain" is good for the country. A black voter gives his perspective on why many black people didn't vote for Clinton in 2016. Dave Rubin claims he never gets invited to campus by libs. Dereck Black, reformed white nationalist, says his white nationalist family loves Tucker Carlson. Woman explains why she voted for Trump after supporting Bernie as "kind of a joke." Black woman says she voted for Trump because he's a business man.

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