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John Patrick Leary (@JohnPatLeary), Associate Professor of English at Wayne State University, joins us to discuss his book, Keywords: The New Language of Capitalism.

On today's show: Bernie dominates Fox News town hall with #MedicareForAll pitch. Trump reacts to Bernie's performance. Bernie's closing remarks, an impromptu call and response, says most Americans agree with his platform.

John Patrick Leary (@JohnPatLeary), Associate Professor of English at Wayne State University, joins us to discuss his new book, Keywords: The New Language of Capitalism. In this book, Leary explores how the business language of late stage capitalism puts a futuristic spin on old forms of exploitation. How words like "innovation," "human capital," "nimble," "passion" and "grit" conceal the exploitative relationship between workers and bosses. Also: the origins of the term "meritocracy" and why it's problematic.

On the fun half: Martha McCallum freaks out over higher taxes vs. paying insurance premiums. Art Laffer says raising taxes will hurt the economy, bring on a recession. Chart: Fallout from Laffer's Kansas tax plan. Eric Swalwell is running for the Democratic nomination, says he wants "a team of rivals" in his cabinet. Trump says he has ridden "many a truck." Glenn Beck says if Notre Dame was an Islamic attack, we probably won't hear about it. Melinda Gates claims her philanthropy has not had an outsized influence on education. A plug for Shahid Buttar, a democratic socialist hoping to primary Nancy Pelosi. Donate here! The massive and ongoing Stop and Shop strike. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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