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Daniel Marans (@DanielMarans) of The Huffington Post joins us to discuss postal banking, the special election in AZ, and more.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's proposed Postal Banking Act and how it would hurt predatory lenders. How durable is this progressive drift among elected Democrats? How activist groups are asserting power over Democratic candidates. What's going on with the special election in Arizona. Democrat Randy Bryce's run for Paul Ryan's House seat as test case for the blue wave. Why more progressive ideas are coming out of the Senate than the House. Cynthia Nixon's emphasis on racial justice and how she could do well against Cuomo in a post-Bernie world.

On the fun half: Trump goes off to Fox and Friends about James Comey, Michael Cohen, and much, much more. Trump flip flops on pleading the 5th. Trump thinks Kanye West's unhinged tweet about him is "very cool." David French misinterprets Chance the Rapper. Is Silicon Valley infantilizing its employees, or does it just want them to work 24/7? Gorka tells Dave Rubin that Trump "doesn't have a racist bone in his body," he just wants everyone to be safe, ps: global jihad. It's a day that ends in "y" so Tomi Lahren said something racist and dumb. What's going on with North Korea at the moment? A caller on which right-wing women he finds sexually attractive. A caller on life as a union postal worker. Michael debates a caller on Israel. Is the name of Jamie's podcast cultural appropriation?

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