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Professor Daniel Bessner joins Michael Brooks to discuss his new book, Democracy in Exile: Hans Speier and the Rise of the Defense Intellectual and Daniel Bessner shows how the experience of the Weimar Republic’s collapse and the rise of Nazism informed Hans Speier’s work as an American policymaker and institution builder. How intellectuals began embedding themselves in the defense establishment beginning in the 1930s. Hans Speier's origins in Weimar Germany and on the German socialist left. How intellectuals came to believe they had to save democracy "from the people, for the people."

On the fun -  Alex Jones in big legal trouble, denies calling Sandy Hook a hoax, Laura Ingraham gets trolled by a Border Angel, Dave Rubin edits Q&As and bombs at stand up, Trump remembers Barbara Bush, Nikki Haley gets misled but not confused, and your calls and IMs.

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