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Iran's President, Hassan Rouhani roasts Trump for not knowing anything about international treaties and just being a "merchant".

Benjamin Dixon (@BenjaminPDixon) breaks down the historical breakthrough of the handshake between the North Korean and South Korean leaders on both sides of the Korean border. Who deserves credit for what's happening in Korea. China and the United States, enter negotiations soon. North Korea's strategy. How do revolutions happen and will there be changes in North Korea? Prospects for change and modernization. Does Trump deserve credit? Stoney Hoyer, caught on tape, explaining how the DCCC, backs corporate democrats in primaries. Steny Hoyer's corporate base How democrats are pushed to the right. Why progressives should think far more about policy than process.  What to do about Joy Reid and how she should have handled her scandal.  Ronny Jackson is out as the next head of the VA and how was his misbehavior not a problem earlier?

Judy Gold (@JewdyGold), Judy Gold talks about being Jewish in Sweden. Sweden is great, but there isn't any weed there? Sean Hannity, Michael Cohen and Donald Trump. Diamond and Silk do an ad for a Nazi candidate. White privilege in action in New Jersey. Police harassment and racism across America. The Steele Dossier and will Trump be impeached? And we introduce Judy to the wonders of Sassy Trump.

On the Fun Half: Alex Jones makes a move on Kanye as Kanye embraces the Alt Right, what's going on with Dave Rubin's twitter and brain? Teachers strike in Arizona, is a nationwide strike next? And we take your calls and IMs.

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