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On today's show: Tom Perez defends the cost of the DNC's lawsuit against Russia and Wikileaks. Milo gets shouted out of a Manhattan bar by the DSA. Gina Haspel's involvement in Bush-era torture program, black site prisons, destroying evidence. Wisconsin is ramping up its punishment of food stamp recipients. The teacher strikes spread to IN, GA...will there be enough solidarity for them to win? Sean Hannity got HUD help on numerous multi-million dollar property deals.

On the fun half: What Kant can teach us about public vs. private uses of reason. Zizek says leftists should focus on mundane concerns beyond the revolutionary moment; Jamie agrees. Jordan Peterson goes on Real Time With Bill Maher, says Democrats need to have respect for Trump voters. The top three selling points of socialism. Where should we draw the line on coalition-building? A Mexican immigrant tells us about Texas' anti-immigrant bill SB4. KS Secretary of State Kris Kobach says students participating in walkouts need to stay in class and learn about the second amendment. Hero man disarms shooter in Waffle House without the use of a gun. Cops harass counter-protesters for wearing masks at GA white supremacist rally. Is contact with liberals causing Trump voters to double down?

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