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Terence Keel, Assistant Professor of History and Black Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara, joins us to discuss his book, Divine Variations:
How Christian Thought Became Racial Science.

On today's show: Dr. Ronny Jackson was nicknamed "the Candy Man" at the White House because he gave out prescriptions "like candy."

Terence Keel joins us to discuss the social factors underlying the continued interest in race science. The history of bad science around race, even after the human genome was sequenced and showed 99.98% genetic consistency across all of humanity. How Dr. Spencer Wells mapped human migration, found no population to be genetically homogenous. The biblical framework for belief in "monogeneism," or common human ancestry. A Carlos Slim funded study that looked at type 2 diabetes risk alleles in Latin American culture without accounting for the effects of colonialism, dispossession. How race and gender-specific drug research and marketing fails to account for social factors, lets policymakers off the hook. The flawed work of David Reich and the similarities between race IQ theorists and new atheists.

On the fun half: John from San Antonio breaks down the Democrats' big night and the cruelty of Medicaid work requirements. The bizarre bromance between Trump and Macron. Trump and Mulvaney's vicious attack on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Ronan Farrow says Hillary Clinton tried to cancel an interview with him because he was reporting a story on Harvey Weinstein. Alex Jones claims the KKK is full of self-hating black people. Is freedom of speech on college campuses actually under attack? Sean calls in about "Count Me In," a movement to protect unionized labor in the NYC building trades. Jim Bakker says God sent two(!) scientists to cure cancer, but they were aborted, to be you. The impact of starvation on Dutch children during World War II. A caller urges people to get involved in local politics.

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