The Majority Report with Sam Seder
Patrick J. Deneen (@PatrickDeneen), political science professor at Notre Dame, joins us to discuss his book, 'Why Liberalism Failed.' What "liberalism" means in the context of Deneen's book. How liberalism protects individual liberty, but also dissolves social bonds like family, religion, and community. How the U.S. was founded on the liberal ideas of John Locke.  How progressives and conservatives debate the "means" without disputing the "ends" of liberalism. How both socialism and libertarianism de-personalize our obligations to one another. How liberalism justifies itself as the natural outgrowth of human nature. How we could better organize society to combat atomization and create a sense of personal obligation to one another. 
For members, Jack Hitt talks to Sam and Janeane about a branch of science attempting to prove 'white people' were on North America first.
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