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Author and documentary filmmaker Astra Taylor (@astradisastra), joins us to discuss her new book, Democracy May Not Exist, but We'll Miss It When It's Gone.

Despite having existed for a long time as a concept, true democracy has rarely been put into practice. Capitalism is inherently undemocratic and other truths popularized by Occupy Wall Street. Why OWS happened when it did. What kinds of lessons and political organizations came out of Occupy? What should have been done differently? Why the left can and should change the rules of the system to benefit the 99%.

On the fun half: Jared Kushner can't say what he thinks about birtherism or the Muslim ban. GOP Congressman Matt Gaetz gets an unspecified drink thrown at him. 2020 candidate John Delaney gets booed at CA's Democratic convention. Bernie says there's no middle ground on healthcare, abortion, other important issues. Warren swipes at Biden: "The time for small ideas is over." What is neoliberalism and why is it bad? Brian Kilmeade thinks it's crazy that Anand G criticized finance capital and Morehouse grad Robert Smith paying off student loans. Kirsten Gillibrand takes on Fox's fake news about infanticide during Fox appearance, Chris Wallace gets pissed. Iran foreign minister says Trump will not be making deals with Iranian leadership like he did in real estate.

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