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American Prospect Executive Editor David Dayen (@ddayen) and Andy Kindler (@AndyKindler ) join us.

On today's show: Joe Biden says he can no longer support the Hyde amendment.

David Dayen (@ddayen), executive editor of The American Prospect, joins us to discuss Joe Biden's retrograde "limited exposure" campaign. What effect will the debates have? What are his vulnerabilities? Also: Jay Inslee as single-issue climate change candidate, and Dayen's take on YouTube's response to Steven Crowder's homophobia. 

Comedian Andy Kindler (@AndyKindler) joins us to discuss how his therapy is going, his complex feelings about Obama, his old friend Nick di Paolo, and Bill O'Reilly teaming up with Dennis Miller. Check out Andy's podcast, Thought Spiral.

Joe Rogan asks if harassing Carlos Maza is the same as calling Dave Rubin stupid.

On the fun half: Ben Shapiro doesn't understand why Crowder can't call someone a queer. Glenn Greenwald defends Crowder's right to be on YouTube (and monetized) on Tucker Carlson. Claire McCaskill derides partisanship, says Barack "Hussein" Obama did nothing to help it. Trump calls asylum seekers at the southern border "an invasion." AOC asks FBI why white supremacy is not domestic terrorism. Why is single-payer the only way to get everyone insured?

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