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Happy Friday! Sam is out today, Michael Brooks fills in with special guests Ana Kasparian and Corey Pein to discuss the week in news, including the growing tensions with Iran, Joe Biden's past working relationship with segregationists, and the connection between climate change, UFOs and Posadism.

Greg Gutfeld: "War is like a video game, and that's good."

Ana Kasparian (@AnaKasparian), host and executive producer of The Young Turks, joins Michael to break down the week in news. Trump's pull-back on war with Iran: what's going on there? How 2019 is different from 2003, when the Bush administration marched us into the Iraq War. Vanity Fair's hatchet job on Bernie, Chrissy Teigen, and how the Warren campaign should respond. How the Netflix doc "The Edge of Democracy" shows Brazil's slide into fascism.

Corey Pein (@CoreyPein), author of "Live Work Work Work Die: A Journey Into The Savage Heart Of Silicon Valley" and host of News From Nowhere, joins us. What should we make of the latest declassified info on UFOs? Trump tells George Stephanopoulos he doesn't believe in aliens. Jamie explains Posadism and why it's gaining popularity at the moment. How do we prepare for the global warming crisis? Corey recommends some movies: 'Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit' (2005) and 'Hanna' (2011). Jamie recommends the TV adaptation of 'What We Do In The Shadows.'

On the fun half: Laura Ingraham says conquest is just how the world works. Conservative PM drags climate protester out by neck. Moro before Senate justice committee accused of sabotaging election. Stephanie Ruhle disingenuously scolds Bernie for calling out Biden for working with segregationists on prolonging segregation. A caller relates a skirmish with Dave Rubin.

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