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On today's show: Bernie goes to Walmart shareholder meeting. Walmart CEO calls for Congress to raise the minimum wage.

Joe Biden drops in the polls, plagiarized many of the plans on his website. May 8: Biden tells ACLU rep in South Carolina he'd repeal the Hyde amendment. Biden's campaign says he still supports the Hyde amendment. Biden jokes about being in a woman's personal space at his townhall: "She pulled me close." GOP obstructs decent DACA bill. YouTube finds Steven Crowder's videos do not violate its hate speech policy. Jimmy Dore says Carlos Maza is a stooge who works for a military industrial complex media company, asks "what the fuck is wrong with you?" YouTube says it will now block supremacist content, demonetize other questionable content, including Steven Crowder. Maza calls YouTube's response "a joke."

On the fun half: Trump tells Piers Morgan the US has the best climate. Trump says tariffs on Mexico will bring companies back to the US...says he doesn't believe when others say Mexico is run by the cartels. Mitch McConnell says his party does not have much support for Trump's tariffs. Chris in Taiwan gives background on the Tiananmen Square protests: They were protesting for democracy, but also against neoliberalism. (Read Naomi Klein's "The Shock Doctrine"!) Trump says he barely saw any protesters in London. Laura Ingraham goes to plan B, says the protesters "didn't seem British."

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