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Benjamin Dixon (@BenjaminPDixon) and David Feldman (@David_Feldman_) join us for Casual Friday.

On today's show: Trump admin beats the drum for war with Iran. Owner of the "attacked" oil tanker disputes part of US account of attack. Does Trump really want to start a war or is he just fronting?

Benjamin Dixon (@BenjaminPDixon), host of The Benjamin Dixon Show, joins us to discuss the news from Washington. Does the Trump administration need public support to start a war with Iran? The implications of including the GOP's citizenship question on the census. Why are the Democrats hedging on impeachment when there's popular support for it? What the newly released debate stage assignments mean for the Democratic primary candidates.

Comedian David Feldman (@David_Feldman_) serves the MR kiddies a heaping dose of reality about slippery slopes, existential threats, and Joe Biden's exclusive focus on Trump.

On the fun half: John Hickenlooper tries to scare people away from Bernie with red-baiting crap about socialism. Bernie responds with FDR video. Hickenlooper's non-response to Bernie. Trump claims he answered all of Mueller's questions, Stephanopoulos says not on obstruction, Trump goes gangster. Gorka says you have to take oppo research if it comes from Norway. Trump claims on Fox and Friends that the electoral college favors Democrats. Lou Dobbs wants to fire the producer who failed to provide beautiful close-ups of Trump's proposed AF1 paint job. A plug for Socialism 2019. How to get active duty service members to be more progressive?

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