The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Aetna tries to punish the Obama Administration by pulling out of Obamacare. Why Aetna is trying to destroy Obamacare? Why the insurance business would fail without government support. Aetna tries to extort the government to approve its possible merger with Humana. Would a public option lead to universal healthcare? Juan Williams freaks out a Fox panel by saying Americans want Single Payer and problems with Hillary Clinton's campaign team.

On The Fun Half: debating sexism and Hillary Clinton. Ken Salazar the head of Clinton's transition team is not so progressive. Alex Jones reveals the real problem with Tim Kaine. Mike Pence has a strange answer to question about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama causing a Civil War. Random Rush. Rick Perry attacks the Khans. The Five gets tense when Juan Williams makes sense, Donald Trump projects and your calls and IMs.

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