The Majority Report with Sam Seder

On the show today we have never before heard interviews from the DNC with Dan Montgomery (@DanJMontgomery) the Vice President of the American Federation of Teachers, Alex Pareene (@pareene) and John Nichols (@NicholsUprising).

Dan Montgomery talked to Sam about the prospects for education under Hillary Clinton, his home state's knowledge of how bad Arnie Duncan was going to be, how bad Obama's legacy on education will be, and how Hillary may be better.

Alex Pareene talks to Sam on day 2 about protestors at the DNC, why Bloomberg was invited, what's the deal with Peter Thiel and Gawker, and totally unrelated: how would a hypothetical billionaire harvest young blood to live forever?

John Nichols on the theater of the DNC roll call vote, the historical significance of the event, the suggestion that politics is "winner take all" and not about building toward goals, what Bernie accomplished, and Tim Kaine is actually a good politician.

On the fun half - Trump's special counsel trots out the "Says who?" defense, O'Reilly whitesplains how black people should vote, Jill Stein has a town hall, and some calls on Sam Harris. (56:00)

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