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Michael Monday today, with Alex Cuadros (@AlexCuadros) talking about his book "Brazillionaires: Wealth, Power, Decadence, and Hope in an American Country."

The hopefulness of Lula's Brazil attaining the 2016 Olympics, and why it hasn't worked out that way. The effect the fall in commodity prices has had on Brazilian aspirations and and those of Lula's Worker's Party. Lula's deal-making and shift to "centrism," which meant accommodating corruption in exchange for accomplishing social justice goals. The media in Brazil and the difficulty in understanding what's going on in Brazil through international media. The relationship between Brazil's billionaires and the state. The prosperity gospel of Brazil's second largest tv network. Brazil's Donald Trump, whose father was a government minister who was put in charge of Brazil's largest mining firm.

On the fun half - Trump releases an aggressively poorly produced anti-hillary ad. Alex Jones is upset with Malia Obama's "twerking" at Lollapalooza. Glenn Beck has delusions of grandeur and minimizes Iran-Contra. Fox News thinks PC Republicans will blow it for Trump. (45:00)

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