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On today's show Dave Zirin (@EdgeofSports) joins us to talk about the upcoming Brazilian Olympics.

Journalist Dave Zirin, explains the Brazil Olympic crisis and the pile up of awful stories that create the wrong narrative. Why the Olympics and the World Cup bring out the worst in host cities. The concentration of Brazil's oligarchy in real estate and construction. Why the games are not about sports but about politics. The 1936 German Olympics and the origins Olympic propaganda. Brazil's political crisis and impeachment proceedings. Can the Olympics ever be a benefit? And why the sports themselves are amazing.

On The Fun Half: Donald Trump rehashes all of his greatest hits. Trump is losing it and he got a Purple Heart as gift. Is Donald Trump going to pull off a surprise win? Sam gets pissed at a caller. Paul Manefort is even more incoherent than Trump. Ben Carson stumbles back onto TV. The best campaign ad ever.

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