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Greisa Martinez a National Field Organizer with United We Dream explains her experience as a Dreamer and the story of how her family came to the United States and her father was deported. How long Greisa's father was in the United States before he was deported and why her family came to America. How families are torn apart by the current immigration system and what "mixed families" are. What its like living under the threat of your family being deported. What is President Obama expected to announce on immigration tonight and will the next President uphold progress on immigration reform. Why grassroots activism and the power of hearing the direct stories of the immigrant community is essential for change and progress.

Sam's frenemy Indy Mike joined us to explain why its so hard to be an "independent" in New York City, debates the merits of President Obama's expected Executive Action on immigration, why President Obama needs to be the "adult in the room", debating Reagan and amnesty and why Indy Mike objects to the process not the goal.

On The Fun Half: why we all have to agree is that the Republican Congress is crazy like at no other time, why the networks aren't carrying President Obama's announcement on Executive Action on immigration, the debate between process and policy with immigration reform, the legality of President Obama's Executive action on immigration, why the mainstream media keeps doing false equivalency, Bill Cosby demands AP not show a section of an interview where he asked a question about rape, Tommy Chong schools Fox's Outnumbered on healthcare, who should deliver broadband and your calls and IMs.

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